July 19, 2009


This week was spent camping with my older boy's boy scout troop at Many Point Scout Camp. I learned a few things:

  1. I can throw a tomahawk better than most, but still only hit one out of five.
  2. I'm not too bad with a .22 rifle, but there are ten year-old boys that can put me to shame.
  3. My cot was designed with young children in mind, I can get either my head or my feet on but not both and my arms do not fit on at the same time as my body.
  4. Never, ever, go camping with Rich. He's a nice guy but he brings in the bad weather.

I put photos up on Flickr, but since they show other people's children most photos are private. When the rain cleared up a bit on our last evening there I got some beautiful photos of the sunset over the lake.

The camp had some sessions for the adult leaders, one was about Ethics In Action which is also known as D.E.L.T.A. This program helps leaders use group games as a starting point of discussion to teach the troop communication and teamwork as well as other values. The next day we actually got to see one of the counselors work with the troop to go through some of the exercises and the discussion time afterward. It was interesting that although the troop failed miserably at completing a given task they were able to get some good lessons from the exercise.

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